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    July 2014
    DOUBLE VISION The Story Of The Brown Brothers When you have a particular individual in your life that you feel makes everything complete, you end up sharing every part of your day with them. Even the bland, less uneventful details. Whether this...
  • FIXTITLE Todd Swenor.docx

    July 2014
    GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO WAIT The Story Of Todd Swenor When you inquire to another of a certain individual, usually their first couple of words used to describe that person is how they are best known. For instance, if they’re funny, ou...
  • FIXTITLE Donna Graham.docx

    June 2014
    REINVENTED, STARTING FROM THE INSIDE The Story Of Donna Graham Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and found yourself connected to one of the characters? As if you can relate to their circumstances and you are able to understand them ...
  • FIXTITLE Tom & Jessie Nolan.docx

    June 2014
    SIDE BY SIDE The Story Of Thomas & Jessie Nolan We have all heard of the phrase, ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ right? This expression is self-explanatory, meaning; that if something is working well, then leave it be. After forty...
  • FIXTITLE Roger Johnson.docx

    June 2014
    FOR A PURPOSE The Story Of Roger Johnson We’re all familiar with businesses that have a spokesperson that everybody in the listening audience can connect the two with. For instance, there’s the funny character, Flo with the bright red lipst...
  • FIXTITLE Halfkut.docx

    May 2014
    STRENGTH IN NUMBERS The Story Of Kris Santoianni Better known as, Halfkut (Founder, President of Chi-Town Large Cars) There are so many different ways to look at life. Maybe as an emotional rollercoaster or a target for curve balls. The way y...
  • FIXTITLE Ira Bailey.docx

    May 2014
    DEDICATION AT ITS BEST The Story Of Ira Bailey As we all know, this section of our magazine, The Legends is our platform dedicated to the professionals in our industry. All nominees are either selected by a family member, close friend or someti...
  • FIXTITLE Jack Paw Pringle.docx

    February 2013
    Miles of Memories When I reached out to make my first initial phone call to Ms. Delores concerning her late husband, she gave a nonchalant chuckle and let me know, "Everybody around here calls us Maw and Paw." I knew right then from ...

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